Monday, July 13, 2015

Staff Development Series, Introduction

Since I shut down my previous blog, I've waivered about how to approach this one. I want it to be a journey in my learning and reflections, but at the same time, my tendency to say what I think about things has given me a little hesitation. Oversharing has gotten me some frowns in the past.

A couple of weeks ago at the Model Schools Conference the presenter asked how many people had blogs. A surprisingly low number of people raised their hands, maybe 10% of the attendees. I was shocked actually because I thought blogging was almost passe. The presenter admonished the group (gently of course), and gave us all encouragement, you have a voice that needs to be heard. So I'm going to let my voice be heard!

As I venture into the world of "STEAM" coaching, I have taken and will be taking, a lot of staff development. Part of my reflection process is to go back over  notes and as I do that I will be sharing my thoughts here, and the notes too.

Hope you find something new, or stumble on a kindred spirit! Leave me comments!

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